We spent last night talking and talking. Never ever before have I felt so understood and loved. Never ever before have I been so determined. If we don’t understand each other, we talk until we do. There is no slamming doors, raised voices or punches in my face, because this time and with this person WE are just right. There is tears when situations comfuses us, and soon again there is laughter when the questions are answered. I have never let anybody this close. My heart has never been so naked, never been so true. Why? Because his heart is in my hands just as mine is in his. If I fall, he would catch me before I hit the ground and if there is ever anything that is in my power to change his world into a better, brighter or more beautiful place, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make that happen. This song came up when Johan and I first met, and since that moment my life has changed. I had lost my faith, my hopes and dreams. I was in the process of accepting that I would never be able to trust another person. I thought true love was for others. He prooved me wrong in a heartbeat. We have bumps in our road but we keep walking it together. This is what love feels like. I never knew!